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It was the fog that I was attracted to. What once looked like a looming cloud had become a mist from Heaven sneaking into the quiet places that I would use to hide. I could readily disappear within a fog designed just for that, but this fog was different. It spoke something entirely different to me. I felt a peaceful, welcoming stir the elixir that was melting my heart while creating a new acceptance within my mind. The fog offered me a gentle coaxing that assured me that my perception of that which once could only loom in my mind was turning in alignment with the gentle breeze becoming something uniquely different. I grabbed Tony’s hand with a strange hope that he would be able to feel that which has enveloped me.

The strange peaceful feeling became less odd and more new. New to me. Although this fog is as mysterious as any other quiet land cover,  there was room for me. A perfect space where I didn’t need to seek shelter to hide, but still knew all the places to disappear in case this was an illusion in my mind.  I trusted the fog. I knew exactly where I was wandering (and although it was still wandering, it felt as right as rain).  No destination, no expectation. I was me. Simple and complete. Have I been here before? Maybe, briefly. Will it last? Not every day, i’m sure, but for now all I need to do is close my eyes and feel myself being lifted to a sweeter existence as I continue to hold Tony’s hand. I cannot explain any of this to him, I can only hope that this sensation would somehow saturate into his being through my hand and become synced with this haze along with me.

I am emancipated from mental slavery (for these moments that matter). I can see and watch intently as all the black dogs meander back into their dog houses as their presence in this fog is forbidden.

Melancholy does exist in the fog when you see it as just that. FOG! Today I see the beauty as it rolls itself over the countryside, up along the mountains and over the sea. A new relationship has been established. With a strong hand to hold onto and the love of a King, walking in the fog has become my new favorite thing.

Allyson Collins

Pictured taken by Allyson Collins





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